French consumers are in favour of compostable packaging

A survey has found that 89 per cent of French consumers believe that more food should be packed in compostable packaging instead of plastic.

The survey, led by TIPA and IPSOS, looked at France’s consumer habits and expectations in terms of waste and packaging management. It revealed that 90 per cent of those polled consider compostable packaging to be a healthy and environmentally friendly substitute to plastic packaging.

Home Compostable WrapperAround 65 per cent of those surveyed are willing to pay more for a product to be packaged in compostable wrapping, with nearly a quarter (23 per cent) claiming they are prepared to pay 3–5 per cent more.

When questioned about disposing of compostable packaging waste in their existing or future separate collection of bio-waste, 89 per cent said they are already including or willing to include compostable packaging in organic waste collection.

French consumers are currently sorting their waste (93 per cent) and composting (45 per cent) and are willing to go further, but believe it would be easier if more information was provided.

Almost 90 per cent of those surveyed said would use compost facilities if they were given the means to do so. A third of those surveyed are prevented from composting due to lack of space and infrastructure.

The survey was carried out in anticipation of the Green Deal For Europe’s circular economy law that will see a crackdown on single use plastics.

76 per cent are concerned about the increase in plastic waste during lockdowns and its impact on the environment.

The majority of French consumers are dissatisfied with the efforts made by brands to cut down the amount of packaging around their products. On a given satisfaction scale from 1 to 10, the respondents showed their dissatisfaction, giving an average score of 3.9.

Daphna Nissenbaum, co-founder of TIPA corp concluded that: “Those results show that French people are ready – and already started – to change their habits in terms of waste management.

“In fact, maybe French people are even more ready than their British neighbours: according to the similar study carried out by TIPA in the UK in July, 69 per cent of UK consumers believe more food should be packed in compostable packaging when they are 89 per cent to think so in France.

“Also French people are even more willing than the British to pay more for food products wrapped in compostable packaging. Those results also confirmed to us that the French public is looking for sustainable solutions, and only for necessary packaging”.

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