Forum develops new online futures platform

Forum for the Future (Forum) has developed a new online platform, ‘the Futures Centre’, as a tool for collecting and sharing information regarding the potential business impacts of long-term trends, such as climate change and resource scarcity.

The platform, which will be publically unveiled in Singapore on Saturday (7 February), will allow business leaders to track trends, share resources and spot opportunities for sustainable innovation and collaboration.

Forum has developed the platform in order to ‘catalyse sustainable innovation’ and ‘accelerate positive change’ at the global level.

Futures techniques

Forum develops new online futures platform Futures Centre

The Futures Centre will open up Forum’s experience of trend and scenario analysis and ‘horizon scanning’ to a global audience of businesses, governments, social enterprises and other organisations.

In particular, the platform will allow business leaders to monitor changes in areas such as land-use, manufacturing, ecosystem health, and social demographics, and help them identify areas of business that they can improve and/or monopolise on.

Users will also be encouraged to contribute information to the platform and explore critical issues in more detail through designated topic hubs. The first of these, focusing on the future of the shipping industry, is due to go live in April, while other topics scheduled for discussion include climate change and biotechnology.

“Looking beyond the here and now”

The platform will be run from Singapore, and is supported by the Singaporean government’s Economic Development Board (EDB). However, despite being based in Asia, the platform will provide relevant content for businesses around the world, addressing trends and topics that affect people and organisations at the global level.

Sally Uren, CEO, Forum for the Future, commented: “Futures techniques enable leaders to look beyond the here and now and see how their organisations might fare in a radically different world. For nearly two decades we have been working with our partners to help them understand just how different that world could be, giving them the insights and confidence they need to help prepare for different scenarios.

“Through the Futures Centre we will now be able increase the scale and ambition of our work by giving access to our futures expertise at a truly global level.”

Kelvin Wong, Assistant Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board, added: “We are pleased to support Forum for the Future’s establishment of the Futures Centre. The capabilities that the centre brings in future analysis and system innovation will establish win-win partnerships between corporates, non-profits and public sector to create sustainable growth.”

Find out more about the Futures Centre.

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