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Food redistribution partnership to provide 100,000 meals to vulnerable people

New supplements brand FIGHT has teamed up with FareShare, the UK’s largest food redistribution charity, with an initial commitment to donating at least 100,000 meals to FareShare in its first year.

FareShare volunteer and vanFor every bottle of FIGHT supplements sold, a donation of £0.25 to FareShare will be made, which is equivalent to their costs of allocating out one meal. The money raised will contribute towards the redistribution of food across the UK, as FareShare works with over 11,000 charity partners and community groups who turn the food into meals for vulnerable people in their local area.

In 2019, FareShare supported more than 900,000 people every week across the UK, with its efforts and provided more than 57 million meals.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen levels of food poverty rise across the UK, with an estimated three million people across the country suffering from malnourishment.

“We have seen such a detrimental impact from the coronavirus pandemic on families, with a huge increase in demand from frontline charities” commented Lindsay Bowell, CEO of FareShare.

“With FIGHT’s commitment to provide at least 100,000 meals in the next year, they’re helping FareShare to provide food to families at a time when they need it most.”