First Mile acquires Giraffe Recycling

Recycling company First Mile announced its acquisition of local waste collector Giraffe Recycling last week (29 July).

First Mile, a London-based recycling company, specialises in corporate recycling. As well as paper, cardboard, glass and food, it also recycles coffee pods, textiles, light bulbs and cooking oil.

Earlier this year First Mile partnered with sustainable fashion innovation platform Fashion for Good to tackle plastic polybag waste in the fashion industry.

Among its other partnerships are coffee chain Caffè Nero and compostable packaging producer Vegware. With Caffè Nero, First Mile collected waste coffee grounds to be reprocessed and developed into biofuels with bio-bean. First Mile joined forces with Vegware to allow collected compostable packaging to be sent on to suitable composting facilities.

First Mile also took on a beach clean-up project in partnership with the Kik-Plastic challenge, a coastline cycle around the UK involving en-route beach clean-ups.

The acquisition comes after Giraffe Recycling decided that ‘significant investment’ would be required to recover successfully from the coronavirus pandemic, and that customers would be ‘better served’ as part of a company with more available resources.

Speaking about the acquisition, founder and CEO of First Mile Bruce Bratley said: “As our customer base reopens from Covid lockdown, this acquisition reinforces First Mile’s commitment to business growth and allows us to continue to invest in our service in the heart of London.

“We look forward to getting to know our new customers, and the opportunity to continue and expand the superb services provided by Giraffe Recycling.”

John Lowery, Director of Giraffe Recycling, added: “First Mile is incredibly committed to environmental best practice within the sector, backed up with outstanding customer support.  I have no doubt that they will continue the fantastic service previously provided by Giraffe, and that our customers are in great hands. I wish them all the best for the future.”