First Bronze Resource Efficiency Pledge awarded

An information technology (IT) consultancy based in Dunfermline has become the first organisation in Scotland to achieve a Bronze Resource Efficiency Pledge (REP) certificate.

The REP, managed by Zero Waste Scotland’s programme Resource Efficient Scotland, asks businesses to pick between three and six resource efficiency ‘actions’ to complete over the course of 12 months.

Businesses that sign up to the REP gain access to ‘specialist advice and support’ in order to help them meet their new efficiency commitments. If all targets have been met after 12 months, the company receives a bronze certificate and may progress on to achieve silver, gold and finally platinum certification over subsequent years.

Managed IT Experts achieved its certificate after fulfilling its pledges to:

  • develop an environmental policy;
  • implement measures to reduce energy consumption by at least five percent; and
  • reduce emissions by limiting business travel.

The pledge reportedly helped the company save £2,400.

Transport emissions 'reduced by 80 per cent'

David Shuster, Managing Director of Managed IT Experts, commented: “[W]e signed up to the Resource Efficiency Pledge to show our commitment to resource efficiency and are delighted to be the first company in Scotland to achieve a Bronze certificate.

“Our selected Pledge Actions centred on business processes and we introduced an environmental policy. The result is that we have reduced transport emissions by 80 per cent and improved energy efficiency within our office by capitalising on the new and innovative IT solution for small businesses Green IT-in-a-Box, resulting in a cost saving of more than £2,400 in five years.

“The advice and support service from Resource Efficient Scotland has helped us to fulfil our pledge and we look forward to using the Resource Efficiency Pledge logo to demonstrate our success to clients.” 

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive at ZWS, said he was “delighted” to see Managed IT Experts become the first organisation to successfully achieve bronze certification, and looked forward to “seeing many more follow suit”.

He added: “Our research shows that organisations in Scotland could save as much as £2.9 billion every year by making more efficient use of their resources, and signing up to the Pledge is a great way to ensure they get their share of the savings.

“The progressive nature of the pledge means that there’s always motivation to take further action and set new goals, and I would urge all organisations to sign up – whether to showcase what they’re already doing, or to take the first steps towards resource efficiency.”

‘Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources’

The REP was set up last year as part of the Scottish Government’s ‘Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources’ campaign – an ongoing initiative that aims at ‘a more resource efficient and circular economy’ in Scotland.

Speaking at the Scottish Resources Conference in October last year, Environment Minister Richard Lochhead said: “The Scottish Government is committed to creating a more productive and circular economy and reduc[ing] our dependency on raw materials. We are embarking on the next steps towards being a zero waste nation.”

“’Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources’ is an important step, but its success will depend on how businesses and individuals respond to the challenges we face and the opportunities we want to create.”

Find out more about the Resource Efficiency Pledge.


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