Eunomia bolsters EU presence post-Brexit

Environmental consultancy Eunomia Research and Consulting has announced this week (10 December) that it will be shoring up its European presence post-Brexit by opening a new office in Athens, Greece, while one of the company’s Directors, Joe Papineschi, is moving to Brussels to lead its European operations.

Papineschi’s move to Brussels is aimed at supporting the growing demand for the consultancy’s public and private sector work at a European level. Eunomia has also registered a new company domiciled in Greece ahead of the UK’s expected departure from the EU.Eunomia bolsters EU presence post-Brexit

This strategic business decision was made to ensure smooth continuation of services to the consultancy’s existing European client base. The new southern European office will be led by Hara Xirou, who has spent the last decade developing Eunomia’s presence in Brussels.

2018 has been a year of growth for Eunomia, expanding its resource efficiency team with five new appointments across its Bristol, London and Glasgow offices in January and a further seven new consultants in Bristol, London and Manchester in September, as well as appointing a new environmental consultant in its New York office.

Its work portfolio has also expanded with a commission from the Czech Institut Cirkulární Ekonomiky (INCIEN) and beverage company Mattoni to design a deposit return scheme (DRS) for disposable beverage containers in the Czech Republic and a new project to assess the circular economy potential of products in the EU market. Eunomia also received a commission from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Nordic Council of Ministers Waste Group (NWG) to review the waste management policies of the Nordic nations.

Most recently the consultancy compiled a report for the Resource Association and WWF-UK calling for a system of levies and rebates to be introduced to encourage the uptake of recycled materials in manufacturing.

Commenting on Eunomia’s latest expansion, the company’s Chairman and Founder Dominic Hogg said: “Many countries and businesses are looking at how they can address environmental targets and aspirations in a forward-thinking way: whether it’s working towards the recycling targets in the European Commission’s Circular Economy package or putting in place measures to meet the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, Eunomia is a natural partner for those seeking to make positive changes.

“It makes sense for us to develop our growing European offices. Many of our projects seek to address global issues such as marine plastics and air quality, types of pollution which don’t respect borders, so there will be lots of opportunities for collaborative partnership working.”

Eunomia’s new lead in Brussels, Company Director Joe Papineschi, added: “This is an exciting time of growth for Eunomia, and I am looking forward to leading our already well-established Brussels office and supporting in the delivery of the projects we currently have underway.

“Cementing our presence in Brussels is a key strategic goal for us. We are seeking to maintain and enhance our growing reputation for quality delivery with organisations within the EU. We also want to develop further our work with major businesses who want to partner with a company that marries a progressive environmental viewpoint with a commercial outlook.”

Hara Xirou, who will be based in Athens from the new year, said: “It’s an exciting time for those in the waste and resources industry in Europe and I look forward to supporting Greece and the southern European region in tackling these. Our expertise on issues such as marine plastics – an environmental issue which it’s becoming ever more urgent to tackle – has obvious relevance across the region. I’m looking forward to bringing Eunomia’s expertise to southern Europe, and am excited to see where this new development takes our European operations in the coming years.”

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