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Eunomia to aid plastic waste policy development for Saint Lucia

The IUCN's (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Regional Office for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean (ORMACC) has selected the international environmental consultancy Eunomia Research and Consulting to deliver a project providing policy support on plastic waste for the Caribbean island Saint Lucia.

Plastic beach wasteEunomia will conduct research on the current national, regional, and international legislation on the topic, as well as consulting stakeholders on existing policies.

The project will review data on plastics consumption and resource management on the island. Eunomia will aim to pinpoint gaps in Saint Lucia's current policies, to then propose a shortlist of potential legislative measures.

The proposed policies will aspire to prevent plastic waste, increase the reusing and recycling of plastic items, and boost economic opportunities through resource recovery on both a local and regional level.

In 2020, Eunomia was appointed by KfW Development Bank to work on a project based in the Caribbean. The consultancy was asked to advise on how to cut oceanic plastic pollution on behalf of the Sustainable Ocean Fund (SOF).

Project Manager Syndee Grushack commented: "We are excited to bring Eunomia's expertise in plastics management and policy development to the Caribbean, an area with first-hand exposure to the marine plastics crisis.

"We look forward to working with IUCN and the government in Saint Lucia to provide policy recommendations that can help tackle plastics pollution and contribute to future sustainable growth for the island."