Engineering competition to transform waste mining materials into glass

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Ennomotive, an innovation platform for engineering challenges, has launched a competition to find new ways of reprocessing mine tailings and obtaining raw materials for the glass industry.

Tailings left behind after mining operations.During mining operations, metallic ores and other inert materials are extracted from the ground. Many of these waste materials, known as ‘tailings’, contain silica, which can be used to make different kinds of glass. In order to utilise the silica, however, the tailings require reprocessing to eliminate impurities – an often costly procedure.

Promoting a circular economy, Ennomotive’s competition seeks new processes and technologies that can transform tailings into valuable raw materials to be used in the glass industry, creating glassware of varying compositions and prices.

With €15,000-worth of prizes to be shared amongst contestants with the best ideas, this online competition is worldwide, open to professionals and students from all industries and technical backgrounds.

Participants can sign up via Ennomotive’s website and must submit their ideas by 7 October 2019.