Egbert Taylor switches to low-carbon powder bin coating

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Egbert Taylor has become the first waste container refurbishment specialist in the UK to replace the wet paint process with powder coating as standard in a bid to minimise its environmental impact and enhance the finish of its refurbished bins.

As of 1 December, all refurbished Taylor Bins are now powder-coated in a move that will see the firm’s paint application switch from a carbon to a non carbon-based process.

Egbert Taylor bins, one with wet paint and the other powder-coated.
Egbert Taylor’s refurbished bins (left) now look as good as its new bins (right) after the firm’s decision to swap wet paint for powder coating
Egbert Taylor will remove all volatile organic compounds from its refurbishment programme, eliminating 600 grammes of carbon per bin being released into the atmosphere.

The Worcester-based business estimates that it will cut carbon emissions attributable to its refurbishment service by almost 10 tonnes every year.

In addition to increasing the sustainability of the manufacturing process, advantages of powder coating bins over wet paint is that it cuts wastage associated with over-application by 40-50 per cent, removes over-paint marks on casters and, as a result of the curing process, results in a finish comparable with new bins.

Brendan Murphy, Chief Executive at Egbert Taylor, commented: “As a business that refurbishes around 15,000 bins each year, our decision to adopt a production wide approach to powder coating not only lessens the environmental impact of each and every bin we refurbish, but also makes them look as good as new. As local authorities are now under pressure to make their bins last as long as possible, add value to the streetscene and achieve this in a sustainable manner, we believe that our decision to powder coat all bins, new and refurbished, addresses all three factors.”

The durability of powder coating also allows for containers to be double stacked in transit without the risk of paintwork being scraped off, which doubles the number of bins that can be transported in one journey and cuts the amount of carbon emissions attributable to distribution.

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council is one of the first local authorities to select Egbert Taylor to refurbish its containers for environmental reasons.

Marc Stephenson, Service Manager at Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, added: “It’s really important that we reduce the council’s environmental impact wherever possible. By having access to powder-coated bins, we are now able to make even more sustainable choices when it comes to our waste collection provision. It’s also important that our community can be proud of how their bins look and until now, the only way we could guarantee this was by purchasing new containers. However, the powder coated finish on Taylor’s refurbished bins is exceptional and means that we can make our budgets work harder by extending the time between new purchases.”

All powder coating is carried out in-house at Egbert Taylor’s 20-acre Oak Park site in Droitwich, which is where Taylor bins have been manufactured since the 1960s.

You can find out more information on Egbert Taylor on the company’s website.