Ecosurety plans for busy year of waste policy with managerial rearrangement

Compliance specialist Ecosurety has appointed Commercial Manager Robbie Staniforth to a full-time Policy Manager position, as the UK gears up for a vital year of policy development.

Ecosurety plans for busy year of waste policy with managerial rearrangement
Robbie Staniforth
With the government preparing for Brexit in 2019 and developing environmental and waste-specific long term strategies this year, the company has decided to move Staniforth into a full-time policy position to work with the government and other bodies on developing work.

The Bristol-based company, which provides resource management compliance for over 1,000 clients on issues including packaging, WEEE, batteries and international regulations, cites ‘increased demand for information’ among the producers and recyclers it works with for the increased focus on policy, as well as an uptick in governmental consultation over issues such as exporting waste, single-use plastics and the circular economy.

Staniforth, who joined the company in 2011 after a stint as a sustainability specialist at IKEA, will now be responsible for submitting Ecosurety responses to government consultations, as well as working with industry stakeholders to communicate the views of the organisation’s members.

Commenting on his new role, Staniforth said: “Over the past six months, Ecosurety has seen a significant, and heartening, revival of interest in compliance regulation from the waste and recycling industry, but also from government. The waste and recycling industry has gone from having to bash down doors, to being actively sought out for its views.

“Ecosurety is convinced the UK has the potential to radically change and improve the way resources are managed through extended producer responsibility, and ultimately maximise UK recycling.”  

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