Eco-friendly chair mats at the forefront


First Mats eco-friendly chair mats
With the increase in full-time and regular home working set-ups, chair mats are becoming more popular thanks to their carpet-protecting design. However, the use of plastics in their construction has led to some concerns about the sustainability of these products. That's why Birmingham-based matting specialists First Mats have expanded their range to include more eco-friendly versions of their popular chair mats.

“Providing consumers with products that are less harmful to the environment is an increasingly important aspect of our product range growth,” states Marketing Director, Richard O’Connor, “So we’re pleased to offer our customers a greater choice of recyclable chair mats made from recycled materials.”

The 100 per cent recycled PET chair mats on offer is already popular with eco-conscious consumers, backed up by extremely positive reviews. The newer eco-polymer chair mats are also 100 per cent recyclable, free of phthalates and made using 50 per cent renewable energy. A one-year guarantee is also provided with all Chair Mats sold.

To see the newly expanded range of Chair Mats, visit the First Mats website.