E-waste, battery and metal recycling conference and expos look to advance circular economy

Experts from around the world will convene to share insights, explore emerging technologies to develop sustainable practices and resilient supply chains

Delegates and exhibitors talking to each other at the E-Waste expo in FrankfurtThe rapid advancement of technology and the increasing demand for electronic devices have brought to the forefront the urgent need for sustainable practices in the e-waste, battery, and metal recycling sectors.

As these industries continue to grow, there is a growing need to address their environmental impact and develop strategies for a circular economy. The upcoming E-Waste World, Battery Recycling, and Metal Recycling Conferences & Expos 2024, set to take place on 26-27 June at Messe Frankfurt in Germany, will serve as a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders to discuss these pressing issues and drive sustainable solutions.

The event will bring together experts from across the globe to explore emerging technologies, best practices, and policy developments in the e-waste, battery, and metal recycling sectors. With participants from 105 countries across six continents already pre-registered and over 3,000 senior decision-makers expected to attend, the event provides a unique opportunity for networking and engaging with more than 200 suppliers showcasing their solutions for supply chain security.

The conference, developed in collaboration with Advisory Board Members and industry leaders from the Consumer Electronics Association, Sustainable Electronics Recycling International, Galloo Group, the European Battery Recycling Association, Critical Minerals Association, SLR Consulting, and SK tes, features four main tracks that delve into key industry themes:

E-Waste & WEEE Recycling: This track will explore strategies for improving consumer behaviour, transparency, and global management practices in electronic waste management. Experts will discuss critical raw materials recovery, takeback schemes, EPR insights, regional challenges, and the impact of legislation on the sector.

Circular Electronics: Focusing on promoting sustainability and circularity in the electronics industry, this theme will cover the importance of repair culture, the potential of IT resale markets, and the role of data erasure in advancing a circular economy.

Battery Recycling: This track will address the opportunities, challenges, and future developments in the battery recycling industry. Participants will gain insights into the past, present, and future of lithium-ion battery recycling, legislative impacts, and the role of second life in the battery lifecycle.

Metal & Critical Raw Material Recycling: With the growing importance of recovering valuable metals and critical raw materials, this theme will focus on urban mining, scrap sourcing strategies, and the limitations of end-of-life metals recycling. The conference will examine the impact of the Critical Raw Materials Act and the role of recycling in the energy transition.

The event's agenda also includes notable new sessions addressing due diligence in metal supply chains, innovations in automotive metals recycling, incentivising e-waste collection, and sustainable photovoltaic (PV) strategies.

Peter Sarno, Event Director, commented: "We are thrilled to bring together such a dynamic group of professionals from all parts of the globe. This year's event highlights its necessity; a real sign that the industry needs a dedicated meeting place for everyone involved in the recovery, trading, and circular economy of critical raw materials - to sustain a stable future for these extremely important supply chains."

As the event approaches, attendees are encouraged to secure their tickets and download the Event App, available on Google Play (for Android users) or the Apple App Store (iOS users) under 'E-Waste World/Battery/Metal 24'.

The E-Waste World, Battery Recycling, and Metal Recycling Conferences & Expos 2024 will be held on 26-27 June at Messe Frankfurt in Germany. For more information about the event, including registration details, agenda updates, and exhibitor listings, please visit the official websites:
E-Waste World Conference & Expo
Battery Recycling Conference & Expo
Metal Recycling Conference & Expo