Down in the dumps with Delingpole

Isonomia’s Peter Jones does battle with Daily Mail misinformation, and presents a call to arms against pre-election attacks on recycling

This article was taken from Issue 80

For a couple of years now it has been clear that the Daily Mail, despite being printed on largely recycled newsprint, is no fan of recycling. On occasion, I’ve been able to force it to withdraw some of its more egregious claims, and I’ve been pursuing further complaints through the now- defunct Press Complaints Commission (PCC) and its successor the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) – which in practice is the same people, operating the same code of practice, but with a worse website and greater zeal for finding reasons not to uphold complaints.

Unprompted by any action on my part, however, the Mail has tackled the big question arising from its advocacy of weekly refuse collections, opposition to more bins (for food waste collections or source- separated recycling) and implication that recycling is a waste of effort: what would they have us do with our waste?