Dorking waste collection team celebrates Refugee Week

Waste collection contractor Amey has partnered with Dorking Refugee Support to welcome a new recruit to its team, marking this year’s Refugee Week from 14-20 June.

Former refugee Ezzedin Salim, from Darfur in Sudan, has been given a full-time waste loader role by Amey, after arriving in the UK in 2016.

Ezzedin Salim with colleague Nicola Blake and Dorking Refugee Support’s Constance Chanteux
Ezzedin Salim with colleague Nicola Blake and Dorking Refugee Support’s Constance Chanteux
Dorking residents Lee and Christopher Mansfield welcomed Salim into their home in 2017.

Following this, he enrolled on a course at East Surrey College and began working closely with Constance Chanteux, a volunteer at Dorking Refugee Support, who taught him English over a two-year period.

Now fluent in English, Salim has been welcomed into Amey with a full-time role.

Constance Chanteux commented: “Ezzedin is a wonderful young man who has overcome adversity to become a valued member of the Dorking community.

“It’s important that the group continues to work directly with businesses such as Amey, for it is these opportunities that provide the stepping stones for people like Ezzedin, who are looking to begin a new chapter of their lives in a safe and welcoming environment.”

Nicola Blake, Account Director for Amey’s Waste Collections Services Team in Surrey, added: “Providing members of our community with opportunities, regardless of their background, is important to us.

“Whether it’s young people via our apprenticeship scheme, former prison inmates looking for a fresh start or refugees from all over the world, everyone deserves a chance to shine and we’re committed to providing that.

“We’re delighted to have Ezzedin on the team. He’s hard working and has quickly established a strong rapport with his colleagues.”

Ezzedin Salim said: “Leaving my country was very difficult, and arriving in the UK without being able to speak English made it harder.

“I’ve studied hard and have been fortunate to have found Lee and Christopher, who continue to support me in everything I do. I’m very happy to be working at Amey and enjoy working with my colleagues.”