Difficult to digest

Now that AD capacity has grown significantly, Eunomia consultants Hattie Parke and Adam Baddeley consider the problems with stimulating the commercial food waste market to supply these facilities

This article was taken from Issue 77

How well is the anaerobic digestion (AD) market developing in the UK? It’s a question that should concern not just investors and developers, but also policymakers and anyone who wants to see more food waste treated higher up the waste hierarchy.

When Eunomia published its ‘Anaerobic Digestion Market Outlook’ report in 2011, it highlighted how project developers found it difficult to secure food waste feedstock contracts of the nature required to satisfy lenders and equity investors. Whilst we’ve seen modest growth in the number of AD facilities since then, our recent work for a number of major AD developers has found that it remains difficult to access the vast quantity of food waste which remains in the residual stream.