Demand surges for Cromwell’s innovative anti-microbial bin bags

Leeds-based Cromwell Polythene’s new Sansafe® 30 litre hygienic anti-microbial bin liners have proven to be highly in demand recently, with a significant order of 22,500 bags having been dispatched to Austria for use across the capital, Vienna.

This is the latest in a string of orders for the Sansafe® bin liners since its relaunch at the end of 2016, incorporating an anti-microbial formula into the bag’s design.

The Biomaster® anti-microbial technology protects against harmful bacteria and reduces time and money expended during waste collection as separate anti-microbial products are not needed to treat the bags.

Demand surges for Cromwell’s innovative anti-microbial bin bags
A Sansafe® bin liner

Speaking about the popularity of the new liners, Cromwell Polythene’s Managing Director, James Lee, said: “We are delighted with the high level of interest we have received since we relaunched our innovative Sansafe® liners, and are proud that our products will be improving hygiene and environmental performance of washrooms around the beautiful Austrian capital.

“This enhanced product is competitively priced, but offers superior performance. Sansafe® liners continue to raise standards for hygiene, sustainability and cost-effectiveness and we look forward to fulfilling the number of further orders also in the pipeline.”

All Sansafe® bin liners are tested to ISO22196 requirements and made from 30 per cent recycled polythene. Unpleasant odours both inside and outside of the bag are covered with Scentmaster® pine fresh scent.

With measurements of 615mm x 590mm, the bin liners fit most 30-35 litre bins, while the white film on the outside hides the contents of the bags for discreet removal.

To find out more about the new Sansafe® anti-microbial bin liners, visit Cromwell’s website.