Cromwell Polythene showcases eco-friendly plastics at RWM 2018

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Cromwell Polythene – supplier of sacks, bags and speciality products for the storage and collection of waste and recyclables – is showcasing its extensive portfolio at RWM 2018 (12-13 September). Managing Director James Lee will also speak at the show, on 12 September, emphasising it’s ‘time to stop bashing the plastics.’

The company’s products, which include its lightweight LowCO2t range, aim to make the world cleaner, greener, and more economical. It also provides waste and recycling sacks and all shapes and sizes of bin liners, compactor sacks, UN-approved clinical waste sacks, and compostable liners. That’s in addition to food-grade bags, kerbside recycling bags, woven sacks and disposable personal protective equipment, as well as film, sheeting and tubing.Cromwell Polythene showcases eco-friendly plastics at RWM 2018

James Lee, Cromwell Polythene Managing Director, says: “Plastics have been having a hard time in the media recently, but they are essential for modern life, and, if manufactured and used responsibly, they can benefit the environment and enrich our lives.

“At RWM, I’ll be speaking on the issue of the problems of plastic litter and marine pollution, which are very real and need tackling. However, they are the result of littering or poor waste management, meaning the leakage of valuable resources is caused by our established infrastructure, not something inherent in the material.”

Cromwell Polythene’s LowCO2t range uses less material to achieve the same performance standards and are packaged in smaller cartons. This means the volume of plastic used is minimised, as are the carbon emissions during production and transport and storage space required. Its other best-selling products include brands such as ensa, Wave, Sansafe and Kerbie, which are all exclusive to Cromwell Polythene.

The company works closely with its customers – including local authorities and waste management companies, cleaning and janitorial distributors, clinical waste professionals within the healthcare sector, automotive, food service and raw material suppliers – so that they can make informed decisions on the most appropriate products for their needs.

Recycled materials are used wherever possible in its product range, and the return of plastics and other materials to the production cycle for re-processing is encouraged. The goal is that its products are not only lower cost to its customers, but also to the environment.

For more information visit Stand 5P32 at RWM 2018, or visit Cromwell Polythene’s website.