Cromwell Polythene records drop in local litter

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Results from a voluntary clean-up by Cromwell Polythene in its local area, to support the Great British Spring Clean 2019, indicate levels of rubbish have decreased significantly compared to last year.

The family-run business, which supplies polythene products to aid recycling, annually supports the campaign to eliminate litter and end waste. Last year, Cromwell Polythene collected 67.3 kilogrammes of litter over a three-hour period from the Sherburn Industrial Estate, where it is based. Its 2019 action in the same area led to a collection of 11 kilogrammes in 1.5 hours – an impressive 68 per cent reduction.

Cromwell Polythene and other companies within the industrial estate also support the Clean Driver Scheme. This innovative project was launched last August by Selby District Council. Funded by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), it encourages lorry drivers visiting the district to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

James Lee, managing director of Cromwell Polythene said: “It’s great that levels of discarded rubbish have decreased significantly across the same area compared to results from our previous year’s Great British Spring Clean activity. We believe this campaign, together with the Clean Driver Scheme has led to a significant reduction in local littering, by encouraging recycling and responsible behaviour.”

A Cromwell-branded litter bin

More about what Cromwell Polythene offers can be found on the company's website.

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