Cory murder suspect appears in court

 Cory murder suspect appears in court

David Squelch, the man suspected of murdering a colleague at Cory Environmental’s waste depot in Tunbridge Wells last week, has been officially charged with murder and has had his first appearance in court.

Last Monday (9 March), Squelch was arrested on suspicion of murdering James Wallington at the Cory site in North Farm Lane, Tunbridge Wells, after police and paramedics were called to the scene following reports of an attack in the early morning.

Although no details have yet been officially released, it has been reported that the two colleagues had shared a lift to work on the morning of the alleged offence, and that the 44-year old was stabbed. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Tuesday (10 March), Squelch was officially charged with Wallington’s murder and he appeared at Sevenoaks Magistrates' Court via video link from Elmley Prison in Sheppey on Friday (13 March).

Squelch did not have a lawyer representing him, as legal aid had not yet been granted. He spoke only to be identified and indicate he understood what was taking place.

Judge Jeremy Carey said legal aid would be granted soon, and that a preliminary hearing will be held at Maidstone Crown Court next Friday (27 March). He did not grant bail and Squelch has been remanded in custody.

A plea will now be entered on 27 May 27 and the trial is expected to begin in late August or early September.

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