Coronavirus grant support extension for Scottish waste management firms

Scottish waste management firms impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic have seen the deadline for applications for grant support extended until the end of August.

Launched by Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Government, £10,000 of grant funding is available for each waste management site to support the capital costs involved in changing infrastructure and equipment to adapt to the context of a global pandemic.

Materials Recycling FacilityAdaptations covered by the grant funding include modifications to sorting lines and on-site traffic management implementation and will help maintain environmental performance while helping to control the spread of the virus.

Commenting on the grant deadline extension, Charlie Devine, resource management spokesperson at Zero Waste Scotland, said: “We know many waste management firms have had to adapt their processes. The whole sector is being challenged to work differently whilst waste streams are also being disrupted.

“There are grants available, as well as support in how to access them. We have extended the time limit to apply and I’d urge all waste management businesses in Scotland to look into the resources available to support them.”

The new deadline for the grant funding is now Monday 31 August.

The Scottish waste management sector – as across the rest of the UK – has been heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) shutting down across the country and the government having to delay the implementation of its deposit return scheme (DRS) until 2022 to allow businesses time to prepare for the scheme.

Aside from grant support, Zero Waste Scotland has been providing assistance to the waste sector during the crisis. The organisation set up an online platform to match local authorities with private operators to pool resources to maintain key services at the height of the pandemic.

It has also been providing one-to-one advice to businesses to address issues related to recycling and recovery caused by the pandemic, covering business plan development, marketing initiatives and the identification of diversification opportunities, as well as providing advice and training on restarting businesses with operational restrictions.

For more information on the grant support, please visit the Zero Waste Scotland website.

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