Conservative election manifesto pledges to stop 'new waste incinerators being built’

The Conservative Party's 2024 Manifesto outlines key pledges to tackle waste crime, improve recycling, and a surprising pledge to place a moratorium on new energy-from-waste facilities as ‘increased recycling rates will reduce the need for incineration capacity’.

Aerial view of waste incineration plant in Cardiff In its 2024 manifesto, the Conservative Party has made several commitments about the future direction of UK waste and resources management should they be elected on 4th July.

The manifesto promises that the Government will tackle waste criminals, particularly those impacting protected nature sites. "We will take comprehensive action to crack down on organised waste crime, especially those who impact protected nature sites. We will deliver our enhanced penalties for fly tipping, giving councils new tools to help tackle offenders," the election document states.

The current Government has also pledged its ongoing commitment to DRS: "We will continue to develop a UK-wide Deposit Return Scheme, while working to minimise the impact on businesses and consumers."

In a surprising move that appears to echo the current Defra Secretary of State’s opposition to the Wisbech incinerator in his constituency, the manifesto declares: "We will prevent new waste incinerators being built, including those with recent permit approvals, revoking those where substantial construction has not taken place. This recognises the impact on local communities and that increased recycling rates will reduce the need for incineration capacity in the longer term."