Comedian rapper Doc Brown promotes glass recycling in new video

Friends of Glass has teamed up with rapper and comedian Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown) and former Britain’s Got Talent contestants The Bottle Boys for a new campaign to promote the importance of glass recycling to young people.

The glass recycling advocacy group was inspired to create the campaign, named ‘Endless Chorus’, by the findings of its pan-European study into the numerous environmental benefits of glass recycling in 11 EU countries including the UK.

The campaign aims to address the findings that many young people have positive perceptions of glass packaging without being fully aware of the environmental benefits of glass recycling, with only 58 per cent of young Europeans compared to 76 per cent of European consumers being aware of the environmental merits of glass as a packaging material.

The online video features a singing wine bottle that sings about its previous incarnations as a milk bottle and a ketchup bottle, amongst others, to unsuspecting drinkers in a ‘European bar’, showing that glass can be recycled again and again.

Comedian rapper Doc Brown promotes glass recycling in new video
The Bottle Boys and Bailey Smith
The voice behind the bottle is celebrity rapper, Doc Brown, accompanied by The Bottle Boys, a Danish group who play tunes by blowing across bottles, with all four hooked up to speakers hidden in the wine bottle and three more beer bottles.

“As our research revealed, younger consumers are not fully aware that all glass packaging is a permanent natural resource that can be infinitely recycled without losing its quality,” said Brook Hayes, Communications Manager at British Glass.

“We think many will be pleasantly surprised to know this, and the Endless Chorus campaign delivers these messages in a lighthearted and we hope, memorable way. Ultimately, it’s all about getting more of us to remember to always recycle our empty bottles and jars.”

You can find out more about Friends of Glass and glass recycling on the group’s website.

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