Combined magnetic separation force on display at RWM

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The combined Magnetic Separation force of Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd and Master Magnets will be on stand 5P80 at RWM 2017.

Bunting Magnetics acquired Master Magnets back in January and the joint stand at the show will be the first time that the companies have combined forces at a major international exhibition since the acquisition.

The European division of Bunting Magnetics has an extensive overseas network of distributors and marketing agents, while Master Magnets is regarded as one of the premier global suppliers of magnetic separation technology for companies in the recycling, mineral processing, and mining sectors.

“RWM 2017 provides the ideal platform to demonstrate the benefits of the new partnership,” said Bunting’s Head of Sales Dave Hills. “Our stand will be interactive and dynamic. We want visitors to witness metal separation first hand. We want people to bring samples.”

The stand, which will include a High Intensity Separation Conveyor and a working production-sized Eddy Current Separator, will be focused on recovering and separating metals. In the recycling sector, this includes separating beverage cans from household refuse using an Overband Magnet; stainless steel from shredded computer hard-drives with the HISC, and small non-ferrous metals in an automobile shredding operation with an Eddy Current Separator.