CIWM launches Strategic Expert Group and Roadmap to achieve net-zero

Today (3 August), CIWM has announced the establishment of its new Strategic Expert Group (SEG) on the Climate Emergency to supervise its work in guiding the waste sector to meeting its net-zero goals.

chimney emissions

To accompany this announcement, the institution has also published a Net Zero Roadmap, sharing its ‘Pathway to Net Zero’ and decision to bring forward its target date for reaching net-zero by five years, to 2035.

CIWM’s Chair of General Council, Liz Parkes, will lead the SEG, which will cover the waste and resource industry’s role in mitigating climate change while adapting to its impacts. Members of the institute are now being invited to join the SEG and form a network to drive change.

CIWM, also a signatory to the Pledge to Net Zero and the Professional Bodies Climate Action Charter, identifies its baseline carbon emissions at 2,315 CO2e in the Roadmap. Measured in 2019, it estimates with 95.8 per cent of emissions classified as Scope three (those associated with investment and supply chains). Further, it highlights key areas to be addressed as they push to decarbonise and reduce emissions.

In light of these aims, the Pathway to Net Zero sets goals to reduce emissions from investments by 100 per cent; decarbonising the delivery of events and training services, with 90 per cent of training to be online; and optimising business travel, by reducing car journeys by 90 per cent and using air travel only when necessary.

The body recognises that some of its baseline emissions will be left unmitigated, noting that it will attempt to offset any residual emissions remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Liz Parkes, Chair of CIWM’s General Council, said: “The waste and resources sector plays a vital role in the UK’s transition to a net zero economy. Formation of the new Climate Change SEG will ensure CIWM continues to lead by example and support its members on their own journey to zero emissions.

“This summer’s heatwaves have also shown the need to increase our resilience to the changing climate and be confident that our essential services will withstand climate shocks.

“When developing our Net Zero Roadmap, the Board of Trustees wanted us to be more ambitious and accelerate our progress towards net zero. This challenging objective will see CIWM achieve net zero well ahead of the UK’s 2050 target and play a key role in helping other sectors on their journey too.”