Bywaters delivers same day waste audits using new app

London-based waste management company Bywaters has created a new mobile app that allows property and facilities managers to measure the effectiveness of their existing waste management systems.

Bywaters delivers same day waste audits using new appBywaters says that using the app the company can deliver a Final Recommendations document back to its customers the same day, enabling waste audits to be carried out much more quickly and efficiently than before.

Regular waste audits enable organisations to benefit from ongoing performance monitoring of waste segregation, waste prevention at source, and best use of compactors, balers, bins and weighing equipment. 

Data captured through the app will replace paper forms, from a driver daily check sheet to a signed contract. The software will then create a report using photos and diagrams. Legal and environmental compliance will also be tracked, with electronic forms being flagged in advance of expiry dates to help keep all documentation up to date. 

Announcing the new app, Associate Director Mark Harbard said: “Bywaters will be using this audit app for all our customers so we can review their current methods of handling waste.

“By identifying potential cost savings faster, the app can help our customers start to improve their recycling levels, reduce their carbon footprint and obtain better value from their waste materials. We are always looking for new, smarter ways of helping our customers reduce costs and improve their reuse and recycling rates.”

Bywaters’ new waste audit app is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets and is accessible online via an internet browser. When an auditor completes or updates an audit on his or her mobile device, the information will immediately be updated on all linked devices. Data can be shared between colleagues so they can read up on action points or be prompted to follow up on tasks when they are away from the office. 

More information about the app can be found on the Bywaters website.