Business in Brief – 25/02/22

Ulster Shredders receives first ADISA validation for hard drive solutions

Ulster shreddersUlster Shredders has received its first successful validation from the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) for its hard drive shredding solutions.

The validation of shredding machines ensures that all opportunities for data breaches and the reuse of data-bearing media are removed.

ADISA Founder Steve Mellings commented: “Where shredding is concerned, many organisations are dismissive of the need of verification as there is an assumption that “shredded drives” have indeed been shredded but I’ve personally witnessed cages of media which are physically still intact when they should’ve been shredded and NAND cells being unimpacted by a shred.

“Oversight of this process and the use reputable companies is essential, so we welcomed Ulster Shredder’s approach to have independent validation of their products.”.

Sales and Service Director Paul Atkinson of Ulster Shredders added: “We have clients who require particular shred sizes for the output from our products and typically we have provided them with assurance due to specification of screen to be used.

“However, this isn’t the whole story as you still get larger shred particles than the actual aperture of the screen. For this reason, we approached ADISA and asked how they could help us provide assurance for our customers.”

Global food waste management market size to reach USD 54.29 billion by 2028

According to a new study by Polaris Market Research, the global food waste management market size is expected to reach USD 54.29 billion by 2028.

Segment market growth is partially attributed to government waste management awareness programmes such as Love Food Hate Wate, UNEP’s Think Eat Save, and Denmark’s Stop Wasting Food.

The dairy industry is identified as an area of ‘lucrative’ market growth over the study’s period, alongside cereals, which are expected to witness moderate growth within the period.