Business in Brief – 18/10/21

Forge Recycling uses Santander funding to develop new processing facility

Forge Recycling has seen support from Santander in the form of a £500,000 investment, which the company has invested in developing a 9,000 square foot waste processing facility at its site in Leeds.

Following the expansion of this site, the waste management enterprise has seens its turnover increase by 26 per cent over the past year, reaching a total of £9.5 million – growth of a further 30 per cent has been targeted in order for the company to reach a projected turnover of £13 million by September 2022. Forge Recycling credits this upturn largely to the opening of the new facility, stating that it has enabled the business to process waste through a ‘more efficient and cost-effective procedure’.

Forge RecyclingIn tandem with this, over the past year, Forge Recycling has expanded its service radius to cover Humberside, North Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire, as well as its existing market in Leeds. The company’s business plans are now focused on broadening its customer base within these new locations across the next two years.

In addition to this, the past year saw 25 new roles being created within Forge Recycling, with the business anticipating the hiring of an additional 15 staff over the next year as its operations grow.

Harvey Mills, Managing Director at Forge Recycling, commented: “Santander UK’s funding and support has allowed us to accelerate our growth and develop our waste processing facility. It has been brilliant to achieve this in spite of the challenges we have had to navigate throughout the course of the pandemic.”

DS Smith designs ‘first ever’ box produced with circular design metrics

DS Smith has designed and manufactured what it is coining the ‘first ever’ fibre-based box packaging, using its Circular Design Metrics.

The Companion Series has been designed to support a COP26 initiative led by Toast Ale, which is intended to highlight the role of food waste in climate change.

DS Smith has produced 2,600 units of Companion Series packaging, which were available to purchase from 15 October. Alongside their Circular Design Metrics, the boxes were manufactured in accordance with DS Smith Performance, Assurance, Consistency, and Environment (PACE) principles, which, according to the company, are designed to ensure the minimum usage of fibre within fit-for-purpose packaging through supply chain optimisation with limited carbon impact.

All of DS Smith’s 700 designers have been trained on how to apply these circular principles across their work practices.

Dave Ellerington, Head of Design and Innovation and Business Development at DS Smith Packaging UK & Ireland, commented: “Design is one of the essential elements of the Circular Economy and we are thrilled to put our design principles and unique circular design metrics into practice for the first time, in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. 

“By employing these metrics, the figures show how well-designed packaging can be pivotal in reducing overall environmental impact, helping companies in a wide range of sectors to reduce waste and pollution, keep materials and products in use for longer and have a clear view of their packaging designs circularity performance to deliver on their sustainability promise.”

Pringles expands recycling points across the UK

Pringles has expanded its partnership with TerraCycle in order to create 500 new collection points for its tubes.

By providing more public drop-off locations, and with the continuation of ACE-UK Bring Banks taking containers with metal ends, the aim is for consumers to be able to recycle Pringles packaging in up to 85 per cent of council areas across the UK.

Pringles aims to roll out 700 TerraCycle recycling points, in addition to the existing 330 ACE-UK Bring Bank collection points, by January 2022. This is an increase from the 57 per cent of UK council areas that currently have access to drop-off locations for the packaging.

To facilitate the recycling of Pringles tubes the company will also introduce on-pack labelling that highlights that the tube can be recycled at the specified collection points and that the lid can be recycled in home recycling bins.

The empty tubes from both collection schemes will be taken to a specialist recycling facility in West Yorkshire, operated by Sonoco Alcore, where the fibres from the cartons will be turned into industrial tubes and cores, which are used to wrap paper, man-made fibre yarns, and metal and plastic film around for industrial application.

Julien Tremblin, General Manager, TerraCycle Europe, commented: “We are thrilled that Pringles have made the decision to expand the number of drop-off locations available to consumers. This programme has proved very successful and it is great to see a brand taking the issue of waste seriously and offering a viable solution to their shoppers.”

Viridor appoints new CCO and Head of Policy

Viridor has announced two new senior appointments, with Michael French assuming the role of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and William Andrews Tipper the role of Head of Policy

Prior to his appointment, French had worked at E.ON Energy for 14 years, eventually becoming the Chief Operating Officer (COO), responsible for global strategy and the running of Residential and Energy Sales within the company. Within the new position at Viridor, French will be tasked with developing the company’s growth strategy in Energy from Waste (EfW) and Polymers Reprocessing.

Tipper, previous to his new position at Viridor, worked for over six years with the Green Alliance, before becoming the Head of Policy for the Sustainable Farming Inventive at the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), where he worked for three years. His new position will see him become a key figure in the cooperation between the government and the private sector in ensuring the UK meets its Net Zero goals.

Michael French commented: “I am really looking forward to joining Viridor. The UK is changing rapidly as we move to a more sustainable society and Viridor is heading this charge with ambitious plans and a leading position.”

William Andrews Tipper, said: “My time in Whitehall granted me a first-hand understanding of the need for government and industry to work in tandem and there is possibly no better example of this right now than the UK’s drive to net-zero.”