Bunting sponsors international workshop on recycling magnets

Bunting has confirmed its participation as a gold sponsor for REPM 2023, the 27th international workshop on rare earth and future permanent magnets, scheduled to take place from 3rd to 7th September at the University of Birmingham, UK. 

Recycling magnets BuntingCo-organised by the University of Birmingham, a partner of SUSMAGPRO, this biennial workshop serves as a meeting ground for scientists and engineers involved in rare-earth permanent magnets and their applications, such as within recycling plants.

Matthew Swallow, Technical Products Manager at Bunting and UK Magnetics Society’s Chair said: “​​As a leading European supplier of magnet materials, we are proud to support the event as a Gold sponsor.”

Bunting is one of the globe’s leading manufacturers and designers of magnets, magnet assemblies and magnetising equipment. Its European engineering and manufacturing facilities are based in Redditch and Berkhamsted in the UK.

Karl J. Strnat initiated the REPM workshop in 1976 with the primary goal of creating a platform for the rare-earth permanent magnet industry to share research ideas and explore various applications. The workshop focuses on crucial topics, including raw material availability and resources, as well as the processing and properties of rare-earth and future permanent magnets.

This year’s conference programme includes opening remarks from Masato Sagawa, the Japanese scientist and entrepreneur who invented the sintered permanent rare-earth magnet Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) in the 1980s.

The neodymium magnet quickly became one of the most important materials across the world and was crucial for its use in a variety of technologies from electric vehicles and wind turbines to waste management facilities.

The 2023 REPM conference focuses on maintaining and developing the crucial supply chain for NdFeB. This encompasses the advancement of new resources, reclaiming and recycling magnets, and the innovation of novel magnet materials. The diverse selection of papers covers subjects from magnet recycling to nanocomposite and thin-film magnets, and rare earth free magnets.

Bunting is at the forefront of magnet material development and utilisation. As a SUSMAGPRO member, Bunting is collaborating with European companies towards the development of a recycling supply chain for rare earth magnets across Europe and to showcase the successful reuse of recycled rare earth materials across various industries.

Bunting is joined by eight other industry-leading sponsored at bronze, silver or gold capacity.

Commenting on the REPM conference, Matthew Swallow added: “The importance of the REPM conference cannot be understated.

“The rising number of applications will stretch supply and availability, driving vital innovation in recycling and new materials.  The presentations in the REPM conference cover such areas of concern, looking at maintaining availability and new magnet technology.”

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