British Plastics Federation launches packaging design tool

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has launched a sustainable design tool, PackScore, to improve the recyclability of plastic packaging.

PackScore sustainable design tool

PackScore has been developed for use at the initial stages of the packaging design process, allowing brands, retailers and designers to assess their packaging and ensure maximum recyclability.

The tool asks users to answer a series of simple questions in order to receive a recyclability rating from A – F, whilst also highlighting features of the packaging such as light-weighting or the use of recycled content.

PackScore is supported by plastics recycling charity RECOUP, and has been informed by the Recyclass system – an online recycling assessment tool developed by Plastics Recyclers Europe.

A screenshot of the tool's question: 'What plastic is it made from?'

Philip Law, BPF Director General, said: “The BPF is proud to announce the launch of PackScore, and hopes everyone from brand managers, packaging designers and retailers use the tool.

“It can play a vital role to facilitate conversations when it comes time to design new products, and help decision makers ensure their products are designed to be recycled.”

Reducing plastic packaging

With the issue of plastic packaging high on the public’s agenda, many brands and retailers are taking action to cut down on plastic and improve the sustainability of their packaging.

The UK Plastics Pact, launched in April 2018 by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, has seen a number of businesses, including Tesco, Coca-Cola and Unilever, commit to reducing their plastic packaging.

Members of the Pact have signed up to achieving a number of targets by 2025, including eliminating unnecessary single-use plastic packaging and ensuring that 100 per cent of plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable and compostable.

The Pact has recently published guidance on the recyclability of plastics, providing recommendations on the ‘best in class’ polymer, colour and labelling choices for rigid plastic packaging.

You can download the PackScore tool on the British Plastics Federation website

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