British Heart Foundation to sell toys in compostable packaging

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UK charity organisation the British Heart Foundation is to sell pre-owned toys in compostable packaging after teaming up with Direct Packaging and compostable film manufacturer Futamura to reduce its plastic footprint.

The British Heart Foundation has chosen certified home and industrial compostable NatureFlex films, produced by Futamura, for its packaging, which is supplied by Direct Packaging. NatureFlex is a range of transparent, metallised and coloured films made from renewable and responsibly sourced wood pulp. It is naturally anti-static, has excellent dead-fold, tailored barrier properties and performs well on a packaging line.

British Heart Foundation keeps toys from landfill with compostable packagingNatureFlex films meet the EN13432 standard for industrial composting and are certified by TÜV Austria OK Home for home composting.

Last year, the British Heart Foundation diverted 74,000 tonnes of items from landfill. The new packs will contain pre-owned toys and will be launching in over 500 British Heart Foundation high street shops across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Commenting on the announcement, David Roman, Head of Sustainability at the British Heart Foundation, said: “We chose Direct Packaging as we’re confident about the quality of their products. They’ve been incredibly helpful, producing bespoke bag sizes, minimising lead times and offering us a competitive price, which as a charity is always front of mind. NatureFlex fit the bill in our search for sustainable packaging materials, as it is plastic-free and made from renewable and responsible resources.”

To find your nearest British Heart Foundation shop head to the charity’s website.