Bristol council-owned waste company launches commercial service

Bristol Waste Company (BWC) has announced it is launching a full-scale commercial waste service across the Bristol and its surrounding areas, encouraging local businesses to recycle more.

The Teckal company, wholly-owned by Bristol City Council’s Bristol Holding Company Ltd, was handed a 10-year contract by the council in August 2016 to provide in-house waste services across the city.

It will now offer a commercial service alongside its domestic collection services which it has been running since August 2015, offering waste management solutions including general waste and recycling, shredding, commercial skips and clinical waste.

Bristol council-owned waste company launches commercial service
BWC will also offer source segregated recycling to reduce contamination in the waste stream, allowing as much waste as possible to be recycled and diverted from landfill, while the new service will also bring 10 new jobs to the area.

Teckal companies – arms-length and legally separate but wholly-owned entities created by local authorities or groups of local authorities to carry out services – are an increasingly popular option among councils. As well as providing more control for councils over their municipal services, they also allow authorities to contract out their company for commercial ventures to maximise capacity and add income. Examples include Yorwaste in York and Ubico, which holds the contract for the Gloucestershire Waste Partnership.

Recycling is becoming a far cheaper option for businesses as it becomes more expensive for them to use general waste disposal services, so BWC has promised to help facilitate customers recycling by providing them with all the information and resources they need, such as food bins, to be able to do that efficiently.

BWC has already seen uptake for their new service in the city’s central shopping hub Broadmead, with six shops and the Broadmead Business Improvement District (BID) signed up.

Tracey Morgan, Managing Director at BWC, said: “We recognise that every business has its own waste requirements, yet most receive a one-size-fits-all ‘solution’ –  irrespective of its size or the industry it operates in. Bristol Waste Commercial has been launched to provide a more bespoke, local service that works closely with businesses to fully understand their needs and the challenges they face.

“By helping businesses recycle more effectively, our new commercial offer will help them reduce their costs and will help us maximise diversion from landfill. In turn, the value derived from the sale of recyclable materials, increased through source segregated recycling, will help us further reduce the cost of the service to our customers. Bristol Waste Company already has a lot of infrastructure in place to service our domestic contract, so we are certain we can be competitive on price.”

More information on the Bristol Waste Company can be found on their website.

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