AWM wins long-term Bradford waste treatment contract

Leeds-based waste firm Associated Waste Management (AWM) has been named as the preferred bidder for Bradford Council’s new 12-year waste treatment contract, with a ‘significant portion’ of the 150,000 tonnes of waste collected annually going to energy company SSE’s Ferrybridge facility.

AWM wins long-term Bradford waste treatment contract
AWM will treat the city’s residual waste at its newly-commissioned waste treatment facility in Leeds, recovering further recyclable material from the waste before preparing it for incineration at Ferrybridge and other sites.

Awarding of the contract, reported to be worth around £165 million, is expected to be completed by the end of May, as the council says that AWM was chosen following a detailed analysis and evaluation process of 11 formal bids.

SSE’s £300-million Ferrybridge Multifuel 2 incinerator is currently under construction in West Yorkshire, and will go alongside its existing Multifuel 1 facility, which opened in 2015. The second plant is due to go online in 2019 and will be able to process up to 675,000 tonnes of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) a year.

AWM estimates that burning Bradford’s residual waste will generate enough energy to power around 28,000 homes. The energy created will be plugged directly into the grid.

Contract will ‘lead to recycling increase’

Commenting on the contract, Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Sport, said: “This solution will secure a method of treating the residual waste from Bradford for the next 12 years with an option for a further three years, and will lead to an increase in recycling rates as well as a high level of diversion from landfill.”

Last year, Bradford Council, which has a population of over 530,000, sent around 17 per cent of its waste to landfill.

Steve Hartley, Bradford Council’s Strategic Director of Place, added: “Constantly increasing landfill tax costs and the harm to the environment by landfilling wastes means that this contract will offer both a more sustainable solution, with demonstrable environmental and climate change benefits, as well as being more cost-effective.”

AWM offering local solution

AWM officially opened its new 200,000 square foot materials recovery facility (MRF) in Stourton, Leeds in February, boosting its total treatment capacity to 875,000 tonnes of waste and recycling a year. In 2015, the company produced 180,000 tonnes of RDF.

Tim Shapcott, Commercial Director for Associated Waste Management, said: “As a local company operating in the region, we are delighted to have been selected as Preferred Bidder for this significant waste contract to treat Bradford’s residual waste.

“Our offer will create added value in generating addition recyclables and green energy in a sustainable way, with very little left to go to landfill. We look forward to completing the process and reaching a successful contract award and are prepared to deliver an innovative and cost effective solution to the district.” 

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