Aqua Enviro conference explores future of UK AD industry

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Aqua Enviro conference explores future of UK AD industry

Environmental consultancy firm Aqua Enviro is hosting a one-day event in London on 12 December to explore the potential for future subsidy-free anaerobic digestion (AD) in the UK.

The UK’s AD industry has benefited from a range of renewable energy subsidies, with particular growth in farm-fed facilities as a result of Feed-in-Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive payments.  However, these subsidies have limited life-spans, and some sewage sludge digesters are due to fall out of the Renewables Obligation scheme within the next five years.  At the same time, the Renewable Heat Incentive is due to close to new entrants in 2020. 

Key themes to be explored during the event include:

  • How do current business models compare between the waste, farm and wastewater sectors?
  • Will Ofwat’s deregulation of the sludge market deliver a positive or negative impact on AD finances?
  • Will innovations in microbiology and AD process management ever deliver 100% of potential biogas from feedstocks?
  • Could non-biomethane end points deliver more value from current or future AD assets?

Speakers include:

  • Richard Barker, Advisor and Investment Committee Member, Iona Capital
  • Dr. Thom Koller, Senior Policy Manager, ADBA
  • Dr. David Vaughan, Senior Technologist, Biorenewables Development Centre
  • Mark Batt-Rawden, Vice President Remediation Systems, Global Advantech Resources Ltd
  • Mauro Lafretta, Doctoral Practitioner, Sludge & Energy, Thames Water Utilities
  • Richard Gueterbock, Clearfleau Group Ltd

For further details about the event, and how to sign up, visit the Aqua Enviro website.