Applications open for 2018 Green Alley Award

The annual Green Alley Award for circular economy startups has launched its 2018 competition with a call for entries by 1 July.

The Green Alley Award was set up by the Landbell Group in 2014 as the first European award for the circular economy, encouraging innovation and startups to advance the transition from the current linear model of the economy towards one imbued with circularity. Applications should be submitted via the award’s website by 1 July, with the winners announced at the finals in Berlin on 18 October.

Applications open for 2018 Green Alley Award

The award is looking for companies that are about to launch their products or services or that are already in the growth phase. The award also welcomes startups that want to expand into other European markets. The sole condition is that the business idea must help recycle resources.

The annual prize is supported by several partners, including German crowdfunding organisation Seedmatch, which helped found the award, Bethnal Green Ventures, a UK accelerator programme for startups using technology for good, and R2Pi, an EU Horizon 2020 project on circular economy business models.

This year’s award is sponsored by the European Recycling Platform (ERP), a pan-European producer responsibility organisation for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), batteries and packaging and part of the Landbell Group, and the Managing Director of the organisation’s UK arm, John Redmayne, will also join the panel of experts who provide support and advice to the finalists.

Award details

Entrepreneurs and startups from all over Europe can submit their ideas by 1 July 2018. In September, six finalists will be selected from the applications and invited to take part in the finals in Berlin on 18 October. There, they will work on their business models in individual rounds of talks with specialists from Landbell Group, as well as external experts from the circular economy and startup industries.

Applications open for 2018 Green Alley Award
Last year's winner Sulapac founders Laura Kyllönen (left) and Suvi Haimi (right) accept their award

Supporting a circular economy in Europe

Jan Patrick Schulz, CEO of Landbell Group, one of the leading providers of services and consulting for environmental and chemical compliance, said: “We are delighted that the Green Alley Award is entering its fifth round this year. In recent years, we have discovered many exciting and innovative business ideas that all show in a special way how we can establish a circular economy in Europe.”

John Redmayne, Managing Director of ERP UK, added: “ERP UK is very proud to be part of this year’s award. We have had many discussions with our customers about the potential of the circular economy. Supporting this award shows our commitment to innovation around this major economic and environmental opportunity.”

For more information on the Green Alley Award, visit the award’s website.

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