Angus Council hires CRJ shredder

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Angus Council has acquired a new green waste shredder from CRJ Services that allows the council to shred almost three times more green waste as previously.

The Council turned to CRJ Services to provide a shredder that had a high fuel efficiency, a twin-shaft configuration to tackle difficult materials (such as decomposed grass cuttings and root balls) and the ability to reserve the shafts and liberate any blockages or wrapped material, thus reducing machine downtime.

Angus council hires CRJ shredder
The Haas Tyron 2000XL 2.0
CRJ Services provided the Haas Tyron 2000XL 2.0, a powerful twin-shaft shredder, capable of dealing with a range of materials whilst producing consistent products in large volumes.

Following the purchase of the shredder, Aiden Devlin, Green Waste Controller at Angus Council, stated: “Comparing tonnage throughput with the previous shredder, the Haas is shredding almost three times the amount of green waste in the same time frame, whilst producing a product of equal size and quality”.
As a result of the successful new shredder, Angus Council hired its Tyron to a neighbouring council to process its green waste. The neighbouring council were so impressed with the performance of the Tyron, it now hires the machine from Angus Council every four to six weeks to process its own waste.

You can find out more about CRJ Services on the company's website.