Andy Hill to hand over role as Chair of WRA

The Wood Recyclers’ Association (WRA) announced yesterday (19 October) that its Chair, Andy Hill, will be standing down as of March 2021.

Having led the WRA for eight years, Hill will hand his role over to the current Deputy Chair, Richard Coulson, at the trade association’s AGM, which takes place every March.

Andy Hill, current Chair of WRAHe said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the WRA and am incredibly proud of all it has achieved over the past eight years. We have totally transformed from the small, trade association we were to one which can really pull its weight on behalf of its members.

“Of course I am proud that has happened under my chairmanship, but it is very much a team undertaking and without the collective efforts of the whole Board and others we would not be where we are today.”

Hill has navigated the WRA through a number of challenges in the past five years, including campaigning to propose changes to the Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) guidance and leading on the Waste Wood Classification Project, which involved, among other things, ensuring that waste wood in the UK is properly classified at its origin and is processed into appropriate end markets.

On the topic of the FPP campaigning, Hill said: “FPP was a test of our strength and resilience, as well as our combined expertise, and together we managed to work with our members and the regulators to reach a conclusion which everyone was satisfied with.

“The blood, sweat and tears that was put into that project by the WRA’s Board and surrounding support team was all worth the effort because as well as resolving the issue of FPPs, it did a huge amount to raise the profile of the WRA with all the right audiences, as well as create many positive and beneficial relationships with our key stakeholders.”

While Andy Hill continues to look forward to leading the WRA in the months leading up to March, he stated that he is equally excited to ‘sit in the wings and support wherever he can’ in his new role of Deputy Chair.