Amur launches 24-hour AD feedstock test

Amur launches 24-hour AD feedstock test
Feedstocks ready to be tested with the new technology
A new rapid inhibition test for anaerobic digestion (AD) feedstocks has been unveiled by AD services provider Amur.

An first for the anaerobic digestion industry, the test is used to analyse feedstocks before they enter the digester and ensure they are safe and free from toxins that might inhibit the process.

The test uses sensitive bacteria that react to the presence of inhibition-causing elements within the feedstock, with results that can be analysed in 24 hours, compared to the industry average of 30 days – which Amur says will help operators make faster decisions on whether to bid on or accept potential feedstocks.

Nigel Lee, Amur’s General Manager, commented: "Every AD operator knows that diet is crucial to running efficiently and achieving optimum gas yields. Until now, operators have had to wait up to a month for confirmation that feedstocks are safe to fees. Now, they can source feedstock and be reassured that material is free from inhibition in just one day.”

The test works alongside the company’s Bullet biomethane potential (BMP) test, which was launched in December 2017 and uses near infra-red spectral analysis to reveal the potential biomethane gas yield of the feedstock within three days. “AD plants are offered new feedstocks on a regular basis and being able to understand the value of those feedstocks to the AD operator is critically important," said Lee. "Running the two unique tests together gives operators total peace of mind and more control when feeding their plants.”

The rapid inhibition test is being offered free of charge to businesses signing up to Amur’s Bullet BMP service.

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