Amey plans new EfW plant in Cambridgeshire

Waste services firm Amey has announced plans to develop a new £200-million incinerator at its 400-acre Waterbeach Waste Management Park in Cambridgeshire, with local residents invited to give their feedback on the proposals.

Amey plans new EfW plant in Cambridgeshire
An artist's impression of the new incinerator
The proposed new energy-from-waste (EfW) facility at the site would complement the existing range of facilities on site dealing with recycling, composting, landfill and mechanical biological treatment (MBT) by providing the ability to create energy from commercial and household waste in the form of heat or electricity, or both.

Amey wants to build the facility on the existing MBT hall at the Waterbeach site, which has already been allocated as suitable for EfW development by the Cambridgeshire’s County Council’s ‘Minerals and Waste Plan’.

The company says that the new facility would handle around 230,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste a year, generating enough electricity to power the equivalent of 45,000 homes and creating more than 300 jobs during construction and into operations.

Both South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council are based at the Waterbeach park after the two created a joint waste team in 2015.

Provided that the facility goes ahead, the new EfW plant will add to Amey’s newly commissioned waste facilities in Milton Keynes and North Yorkshire and its Isle of Wight facility currently under construction.

Commenting on the plans, Amey Environmental Services Managing Director Rob Edmondson said: “Amey is strengthening its presence in this sector and the proposed new facility will signify continuing investment in waste treatment capability in Cambridgeshire.

“We’re currently discussing technology and design solutions with expert providers, prior to submitting a planning application later this year.”

Before submitting a planning application, Amey will be holding two public information sessions on Friday 8 September (2pm to 8pm) and Saturday 9 September (10am to 4pm) at Waterbeach waste Management Park.

A team of experts from Amey will be on hand during the sessions to explain the Waterbeach proposals to residents and to answer any questions that they might have.

EfW under the microscope

Amey’s announcement comes amid a flurry of support for the expansion of EfW treatment capacity in the UK from the big waste management companies and some key environmental figures in recent weeks, following a report released by Eunomia Research & Consulting at the start of August that stated that the UK would reach residual waste treatment overcapacity by 2020/21, with excess capacity increasing to 9.5 million tonnes by 2030/31.

In response to the report, Environmental Services Association Executive Director Jacob Hayler branded Eunomia’s report “flawed”, saying it had “been contradicted by report after report from everyone else” and risked allowing the UK to “sleepwalk” into a capacity shortfall.

This prompted a response from Eunomia that sought to reinforce its stance by releasing further figures backing up its original claims, prompting waste management company SUEZ to bring forward the release of its headline findings that the UK is headed for a residual waste treatment capacity shortfall due to the shortage of EfW incineration plants and the reduction of landfill sites.

You can find out more about Amey by visiting the company’s website.

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