AMCS launches AMCS Platform Summer Release 2021

Advanced Manufacturing Control Systems (AMCS) has today announced the AMCS Platform Summer Release 2021, which aims to accelerate the ‘digital transformation’ of both user and customer self-serve experiences, as well as increasing the automation of transport management.

The technology provider for the waste, recycling and resource management industry helps customers ‘reduce operating costs’, ‘increase asset utilisation’ and ‘optimise margins’ through providing digital solutions to the emerging global circular economy.

AMCS PlatformThis Summer Release will create a new platform user experience across the Customer Care module, with the user interface designed around the daily needs and tasks of a customer service representative.

The result is a user experience designed for ‘ease of use’, with the aim of maximising productivity by providing quick access to the most frequently used services.

AMCS’s new “Easy to Order - Easy to Pay” e-commerce portal will also display a more ‘natural’ user experience, wherein shoppers can equip themselves with shopping cart and one-click payment features in order to carry out multiple and repeat purchases.

Furthermore, the AMCS Transport Management System has been extended to provide coverage for one trip scheduled services such as skip and roll-off work.

This will allow planners to access the full range of automated planning, integrated resource management and live monitoring tools, in order to help manage this area of service.

In addition, it offers a ‘single click sequence optimisation service’ to automatically insert orders on collections, considering constraints such as customer access and time restrictions.

Moreover, the new AMCS Telematics solution is designed to capture tracking and telematics data - such as driver behaviour, engine performance, fuel usage – combined with the route details in order to provide planners with a ‘data-rich’ dashboard for improved visibility and control.

Commenting on the developments of the Summer Release, Elaine Treacy, Global Product Director at AMCS, said: “We are proud to be the first company in the waste and recycling market to offer an industry specific Transport Management System, embedded in the AMCS Platform which eliminates the need for interfacing siloed applications.

“We are solving one of the biggest challenges that companies in the industry face by offering a smarter platform where CRM, Billing, Scale and Materials Management work seamlessly in real-time, to leverage the full potential of smart waste collection processes.

“The significant advances we have made with our SaaS Platform over the years, offering a superior user experience and an open-standards ecosystem, continues to play a pivotal role in providing our customers the best-in-class smart technology to future proof their businesses and deliver value-driven outcomes.”