Alupro launches Christmas recycling campaign

Aluminium packaging recycling company Alupro has released a digital behaviour change campaign in preparation for the holiday season.

The Santa Story is an animation that points out the different forms of aluminium packaging commonly found in the home during the Christmas period and shows the best way to prepare them for kerbside recycling.

Alupro Santa eating dinnerThe story shows how circular Christmas can be, with cans, foils trays and chocolate wrappers being repurposed as toys for next year’s presents.

Rick Hindley, Executive Director at Alupro, commented: “During the festive season, a huge volume of used aluminium packaging is generated within the home. From mince pie cases and used wrapping foil, to food trays, empty aerosols, drinks cans and bottle caps, our recycling bins should be jam packed by the time Christmas is over.

“While the UK’s aluminium recycling rates continue to increase, the latest insight suggests that consumers are still confused about how best to present some types of aluminium packaging for recycling – foil in particular! We decided to launch a national campaign to not only improve education, but also to raise awareness of the widespread benefits of recycling – in a fun and shareable fashion!”

The video will be shared on the Recycle Aluminium website, while supporting materials will soon be available from the Alupro website.

It resolves commonly asked questions surrounding aluminium recycling, explaining rules in a simple way. For example, the campaign makes it clear that drinks cans need to be completely empty and foil should be wrapped up into a ball before it can be recycled.

Hindley continued: “Aluminium is sustainable, valuable and really simple to recycle – the perfect circular packaging material. We want to celebrate its recycling credentials and help consumers to understand the crucial role they’re playing by taking the time to correctly recycle their packaging materials.”

The Christmas campaign follows a year of Alupro making positive changes to the UK recycling culture. In June, it embarked on a deal with Resource Efficient Data to make analysing waste data easier.

It sponsored the 2021 Student Starpack Awards which was focused on raising awareness of the benefits of using aluminium in packaging design.

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