Aldi to trial fully recyclable sandwich packaging

Aldi has announced the introduction of ‘fully recyclable sandwich packaging’ as part of a trial with its supplier Greencore.

The supermarket will trial a new sandwich box made from recyclable cardboard with a paper-lined film, rather than the plastic equivalent which is currently used in most sandwich packaging.

Sandwich packagingAldi states that this will be made from ‘100 per cent paper’ and will be ready to be recycled in home paper recycling bins.

The new packaging does not impact shelf life, according to the company, and is being trialled on two sandwich products across a number of stores from September.

If the initiative ends up being introduced across all Aldi sandwiches, this could remove 23.8 million pieces of unrecyclable plastic and 29.8 tonnes of single-use plastic each year from the waste stream, the company suggests.

Aldi claims to have been working with its suppliers in recent months in order to develop other methods through which to ‘reduce avoidable plastics’.

These include making an effort towards the removal of single-use plastic from all its own-brand tea bags by the end of 2021, as well as the removal of the outer plastic packaging across its own-brand tea products.

The supermarket also claims that by 2022 all of its own brand products will be ‘recyclable, reusable or compostable’, with the branded products they distribute following suit by 2025.

These initiatives, if carried out successfully, fall under Aldi’s pledge to halve the volume of plastic packaging it uses by 2025.

Richard Gorman, Plastics and Packaging Director at Aldi UK, said: "We are looking at every product we sell to see if there are ways we can remove plastic packaging or replace it with recyclable alternatives.

"The new sandwich packaging maintains the shelf life of the products, while allowing customers to easily recycle the packaging.

“Food to go is one of our most popular categories and we are confident this initiative will be well received by our customers."