Agrivert takes over contracts from Qila Biogas

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Agrivert has announced that it has taken over 12 Operation and Maintenance contracts previously run by Qila Biogas, three months after Agrivert’s successful £120-million sale of its UK operating assets to Severn Trent Green Power (STGP).

Agrivert will run the plants, all of which are farm-based anaerobic digestion (AD) plants, on behalf of their owners, most of which are managed by Ingenious, with the task of driving up the operational performance and profitability of the plants. Agrivert has 25 years’ experience of operating in the organic waste, water and energy sectors, designing, building, operating and owning sludge treatment, composting and AD plants.

Agrivert takes over contracts from Qila BiogasFollowing the sale of Agrivert’s UK assets to STGP it retained its design and engineering team to pursue organic waste and water engineering projects in the UK and overseas. Taking over these operating contracts plays to Agrivert’s core skills and long history in operations and places Agrivert firmly back in the UK renewable energy and biogas sector.

As part of the deal Agrivert is also in discussions with Ingenious to build a further three plants in 2019 with Agrivert acting as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor.

Commenting on the deal, Alexander Maddan, Agrivert’s Chief Executive, said: “We are very excited about this transaction. During the due diligence process we have reviewed the 12 plants and we are looking forward to working with the existing staff to upgrade the infrastructure and drive up performance. We are delighted that the operating and engineering staff will be joining Agrivert and they will complement and strengthen Agrivert’s existing team. Operations have always been at the heart of Agrivert and only by operating plants do we believe that practical innovation and therefore competitive edge in the design of new facilities becomes possible.”

You can find out more about Agrivert on the company’s website.