In the right spirit

As the world's largest producer of spirits and owner of a variety of famous brands, Diageo provides over 180 countries with 3.5 billion litres of drinks every year. Lucy Meek finds out what the company is doing to reduce its environmental impact

You might not have heard of Diageo, but you know its products: Smirnoff, Guinness, Baileys, Gordon’s, José Cuervo and Johnnie Walker are just a handful of the company’s owned brands. A hundred and seven million measures of Diageo’s products are consumed worldwide every day. Each year, the drinks giant generates more than 500,000 tonnes of waste, and produces over 100 million beverage containers. But with great power comes great responsibility, so what is Diageo doing to cut down on waste and packaging?

Cameronbridge Grain Distillery, which produces grain whisky for Diageo’s blended whiskies, as well as gin and vodka, has recently increased its capacity and, associated with this, is building a £65 million bioenergy plant.