Street smarts

With the importance of street recycling becoming more widely recognised, local authorities are investing in new and better ways to help people recycle when they’re out and about. Emma Rose investigates the latest in street bins

The many sides of recycling

The Hex Bin - Designed by Straight PlcEnvironmental products and services group Straight Plc has designed the Hex Bin, a modular recycling unit for urban areas. With a six-sided shape that allows it to be arranged in a variety of configurations, the Hex Bin can be used in areas where traditional space-consuming recycling units are unsuitable, such as parks, schools and shopping areas. It can be positioned in pairs, sets, or as a standalone unit. The Hex Bin consists of a durable, shatter-resistant polyethylene body and can be customised with personalised labels, apertures and liners.
For more information and prices call: 01132 452 244.


Waste twinned with recyclables

Linpac's ECO TwinBinLinpac’s ECO TwinBin is made of 100 per cent recycled material and collects both recyclables and waste in one unit. Though its footprint is small, it has a total capacity of 170 litres, with two 85-litre plastic liners. There are two apertures – one for general waste and one for commingled recyclables, which is shaped to accept common street-side waste streams: cans, bottles and newspapers, for example.


Knowing every angle

The Taylor NodeThe Taylor node° is a piece of street furniture designed to fit the angles of different sites. These robust, 800-litre units are available in different models: the node 90° fits into corners; node 180° stands against walls; node 270° fits around corners; and node 360° stands alone. This last model holds the equivalent of 13 domestic wheelie bins in an area smaller than a car parking space, making it useful in high-density housing and public spaces.
Designed to contain different waste streams in separate sections, the node° is intended to encourage segregation at source. For more information and prices, call customer services on 01299 251 333.


Working with synergy

Broxap's new Synergy 200Broxap’s new Synergy 200 is part of a range of ‘modern’ litter bins and street recycling units. It is ergodynamically shaped and has a relatively small footprint for its capacity – each of the two compartments can hold 100 litres. Like some of Broxap’s other ranges, the units feature front-opening doors with a stainless steel bar hinge system, which Broxap claims makes it nearly impossible for the doors to be forcibly removed. Each bin is made from MDPE and is fully recyclable at end of life. Prices start at £449; call 01782 571 666 for more information.