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In the Resource office’s collective experience, sunscreen and deodorant are difficult products to find natural alternatives for. With the summer months upon us, we trial eco-friendly alternatives to these hot-weather essentials

Dr HauschkaDoctor’s orders

At £11.95 for just 50 millilitres (ml), you’d expect a lot from Dr Hauschka’s ‘Fresh’ deodorant. And, to be fair, it’s one of the best we’ve tried: as advertised, it’s quickly absorbed and long lasting, and has a refreshing (if clinical) herby smell. More importantly, it’s free from both aluminium and parabens, both of which have been linked to breast cancer. It doesn’t quite stand up to the test of a stiff walk up Arthur's Seat, say, but its fine for day-to-day use.


Crystal SpringPinch of salt

We love the name, the fact you can buy refills and the ingredients, but not the Salt of the Earth spray deodorant itself. With no scent, it feels as if you’re just spraying water under your armpits, and our reviewer quickly discovered that you have to spray BEFORE putting on clothes – wet underarm patches are not a good look! This means that you have to flap your arms about for quite a while before it dries enough for you to get dressed. Not a time saver, but amusing for the other half. Top tip: ditch the £3.84 100ml spray and go for the crystal version (£4.96 for 90 grammes).


Steady as a rock


Free from parabens and aluminium and not tested on animals, the PitRok range has impressive credentials. Reassuringly, there’s only one listed ingredient in the fragrance-free crystal stick, Ammonium Alum (pure natural mineral salts), and the 100 grammes go a very long way indeed. It works by preventing odour-causing bacteria from thriving but must be applied to freshly-cleaned skin, so it’s no use as a top-up on a humid day! For those requiring fragrance, there’s also a roll-on for women and a spray for men (which our tester says makes you smell and feel good, but doesn’t work miracles under strain), as well as single-use deodorant wipes, but we’re loath to call the latter eco-friendly! Priced from £4-6, the range is available from various stockists.


Neal's YardYard work

It’s shocking to see alcohol listed as the primary ingredient in Neal’s Yard’s Lavender and Aloe Vera deodorant for sensitive skin. Closer inspection reveals that this is in fact ‘denatured’ alcohol – from plant sources – but this doesn’t stop it from giving off a decidedly strong waft of alcohol when sprayed. Once this settles, however, the scent dies down to a pleasant lavender perfume, which lasts well into the day (providing no exercise is attempted – in which case, it fails miserably!). Top tip: do not apply to broken skin! £8 for 100ml from




Thick and Creamy
Despite its credentials of being fragrance-free, water-resistant and hypoallergenic, Lavera’s Organic Sun Sensitive Neutral Sun Milk is something of a misnomer. The texture of the sun ‘milk’ is definitely more of a cream, and it is really hard to rub in. It leaves the arm feeling a bit sticky, and with a white cast reminiscent of children’s sunblock from 20 years ago: this SPF 20 seems to be a bit too thick for its factor. The cream does a good job shielding sensitive skin, but you can’t be too picky on texture. One 75ml tube will set you back £12.50.

Green PeopleGreen cream

This article was taken from Issue 72

Containing ‘natural’ sunscreen titanium dioxide, Green People’s SPF 15 sun lotion is made with 82 per cent certified organic ingredients. It’s a smaller percentage than we’d like, but it’s still higher than a lot of other natural sunscreens out there. It’s got a refreshing smell, and goes on very smoothly, leaving no sticky residue, unlike many of its organic competitors. It does contain a ‘tan accelerator’ though, so it’s not ideal for those looking to maintain a pasty complexion! £17.95 for a 200-millilitre bottle from



Neal's Yard

Thick skin

Oh, Neal’s Yard, we won’t be rushing out to buy your moisturising sunscreen SPF 30 any time soon. It’s fine if you don’t mind looking like you’ve just applied an emulsion wash to your skin (another one to make your partner giggle), but for anyone wanting sun protection in a hurry, this thick slick is a no-go. It smells divine, of course, and is extremely moisturising, thanks to the shea butter and olive oil, so if you’ve got the time and the money (£20 for 150ml), it offers good protection, but it won’t get a thumbs up from impatient children!