Back to school

As another summer holiday draws to a close, thoughts turn to the new term’s school kit. Justin Mulcahy takes a look at what’s on offer to an ecologically-sound kid

Back to school- School Satchel School satchel

Made from recycled foil juice bags, this large shoulder bag with velcro closure and adjustable strap is a fun and unique product for the environmentally and socially conscious.

The bag is brought to you by PREDA (People’s Recovery, Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation), in the Philippines, a group best know for its campaign work and investigations into syndicates and paedophile rings sexually exploiting children. It also helps handicraft producers and small farmers throughout the Philippines prosper.

This particular product will only set you back £16.90 and forms part of Eco-Creation’s fantastic eco-school supplies range.


Back to school- Remarkable notepadsRemarkable pads

Recycled pads from award winning company Remarkable are sure to appeal to any school kid aware of the environment: the covers are made from recycled juice cartons or car tyres and the lined paper inside is 100 per cent recycled. There are also rulers made from plastic cups and pencils that were once CD cases. Prices vary, but start from as little as £1.99 per pad, and every item carries the unique “I used to be…’ tagline, to help promote the recycling message.

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Back to school- Simple shoes ecoSNEAKS

Conscious steps

These stylish ecoSNEAKS are made with hemp, certified organic cotton, recycled plastics, plus recycled car and bike tyres. Many of this season’s ecoSNEAKS feature innovative details like stripes made from recycled inner tubes. Prices vary, but are no more expensive than your average trainer. The range caters for men, women and children.


Back to school- Marks & Spencers recycled schoolwearRecycled Schoolwear

Marks & Spencer has an entire range of recycled schoolwear for environmentally aware students (and parents). Blazers made from recycled plastic waste cost between £15 and £30, skirts and trousers manufactured from recycled plastic bottles run from £8 and recycled polyester shirts start at just £3. There are even cosy recycled fleece jackets to top everything off for £7 to £14.