CCE launches ‘Don’t waste. Create’ campaign

Don't waste create

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has launched a new sustainability initiative designed to boost the reuse and recycling of plastic bottles.

Launched last week (14 August), the ‘Don’t Waste. Create’ campaign aims to ‘educate and inform families about the importance of recycling’, while 'suggesting activities that allow them to reconnect with nature’ and ‘keep their families entertained during the summer holidays’.

Running for another five weeks online, Coca-Cola’s dedicated website includes information on ways for families to reuse their plastic bottles, such as making it into a bird feeder or self-watering plant pot, and encourages households to recycle their creations once they are no longer needed. The campaign is set to appear in stores in September.

CCE is also offering those who pledge to recycle a 50p off voucher on the purchase of a two litre pack of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite or Dr Pepper and the chance to win a family ‘glamping’ holiday in France.

Speaking of the campaign, Nick Brown, Associate Director for Recycling at Coca-Cola Enterprises, said: “CCE is committed to reducing plastic waste and helping our customers to rethink how they dispose of their packaging. By asking them to reuse and then recycle plastic bottles, ‘Don’t Waste. Create’ encourages families to think more sustainably while having fun, giving them a tangible way to help reduce their household waste.

“Through utilising an accessible online mechanic, the campaign helps us to reach a wide audience, allowing us to communicate to customers across the UK how easy it is for them to play their part.”

‘Green’ Coca-Cola

Coke LIfe

In related news, Coca-Cola has also released a new ‘green’ and ‘natural’ version of its popular soft drink in Argentina.

Launched in June by CCE Argentina with the slogan ‘Uncover your nature’, Coco-Cola Life is reported to be the first cola sweetened naturally with Stevia sugar, and is packaged in the company’s ‘PlantBottle’, a 100 per cent recyclable bottle comprising of ‘at least 30 per cent’ plant material. Coca-Cola Life is also available in glass bottles and cans.

Outlining their ‘commitment to sustainability’ on their website, Coca-Cola Argentina states that it is ‘focused on initiatives that protect the environment and promote the development of the communities in which it operates’. However, critics have warned that the new beverage amounts to ‘greenwashing’ by the company, as the production process still uses large amounts of water.

Speaking of the new product, Stephan Czypionka, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola in Argentina said: "The Coca-Cola brand has always set the trend. The big challenge was to innovate around the magic of our secret formula, making the first cola drink of Argentina naturally sweetened with Stevia sugar and low in calories with a unique and delicious flavour.

“Coca-Cola Life meets all these requirements. We are confident that people will really enjoy this new member of the Coca-Cola family".

Coca-Cola Life is said to taste slightly sweeter than regular Coke.

As of yet, there is no date for introducing Coca-Cola Life anywhere outside Argentina.

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