Billboard converts air to 15,000 litres of water


Advertising company Clear Channel International (CCI) has revealed that a billboard that converts air humidity into drinking water has produced 15,000 litres of water in its first six months.

The billboard, which cost $32,600 (£21,400) to set up, was installed outside the small community of Bujama, Peru, south of the nation’s capital Lima. It was co-produced by CCI and researchers at the University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, with Media Connection BPN and Mayo Draft FCB Perú partnering in the project.

CCI describes the climate of Bujama as ‘oppressive’, with some residents having no clean water supply. The billboard, it contends, now provides residents with 96 litres of drinking water per day, with 15 to 18 families taking advantage of the facilities on a daily basis.

Aris de Juan, Regional President of Clear Channel Latin America, commented on the project: “This campaign showcases the true potential of outdoor advertising. Through exceptional creativity and use of technology, Clear Channel Peru and its partners have achieved an extraordinary social outcome.

“We are delighted to have been part of such a pioneering campaign in Latin America, where we pride ourselves on innovation and meeting any client need,” he added.

How it works

A panel on the billboard traps air humidity and converts it into water. This is done through five internal devices that extract water vapour from the air using a condenser and filters, before storing the water in a tank at the top of the billboard. This is then filtered before running down a pipe to a tap, which can be used by anyone passing by the structure.

The billboard has won several international awards, including the Grand Prix at The Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media, the Festival of Media Public Service Award and two Silver medals at the ‘One Show Pencils’ awards for Innovation in Advertising and the Public Service Campaign.

Commenting on the latest award, William Eccleshare, CEO of Clear Channel Outdoor, said: “This is outdoor advertising at its most inspiring: embracing new technology, working in partnership with a host of agencies and delivering a lasting benefit to the people of Bujama.

“Clear Channel is proud to have been involved in the project and delighted by the international recognition for the campaign”.

Watch CCI’s video on the billboard.