AmeyCespa opens Waterbeach MRF

(L-R): Councillor Sue Ellington, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services for South Cambridgeshire District Council; Paul Greenwell, Managing Director of AmeyCespa; and Jean Hunter, Chief Executive of South Cambridgeshire District Council, at the opening of the new facility.

Waste management company AmeyCespa, yesterday (11 February) opened a new material recycling facility (MRF) at its Waterbeach site on Ely Road, Cambridgeshire.

The MRF will use 11 different types of equipment – including suction systems, an overband magnet and a glass breaker - to separate recyclable materials such as metals, plastics and paper collected from co-mingled blue bins in South Cambridgeshire. These materials will then be baled and sent to 'UK reprocessors wherever possible'.

The facility is based at AmeyCespa’s Waste Management Park in Waterbeach and will have the capacity to process approximately 60,000 tonnes of recyclable items per year from households and businesses in the area.

However, the company has said that the MRF has the potential to increase capacity to 100,000 tonnes per year if needed, and could also take material from neighbouring councils.

Conservative Councillor Sue Ellington, commented: “The new plant opening is a timely reminder for our residents to try and do all they can to recycle.

“We know our residents are some of the most avid recyclers in the country, and the new plant now gives us a state-of-the-art facility on our doorstep to process all the materials collected in blue wheelie bins.”

Managing Director for AmeyCespa Paul Greenwell, added: “We are pleased to have reached a point where we can start processing this material locally and really make a difference to the amount of Cambridgeshire’s waste which is being recycled.”

Twenty-one new jobs will be created at the Waterbeach MRF.

The opening of the MRF comes just a month after AmeyCespa announced its broken down mechanical biological treatment plant at the Waterbeach site is not expected to open before December 2013. All residual waste is in the meantime being landfilled.