’Pee’ is for power


Most people view urine as an unpleasant waste product to be flushed out of sight and out of mind as quickly as possible, but UK scientists have recently discovered that we might be sending a valuable commodity down the drain.

Researchers at the University of the West of England, who have been investigating microbial fuel cells, claim urine is rich in chemicals that can be used in the cathode half of a fuel cell to react with bacteria in the anode half.

Don’t expect scientists to come round yours collecting samples any time soon, mind, as they’ve got their eyes set on much bigger targets: farm animals produce a whopping 38 billion litres of the stuff each day, which could produce more energy than the human populations’ 157 million-litre offering, and is potentially damaging to the environment anyway.

Glastonbury festival goers could one day be powering their own experience, though, as founder Michael Eavis has indicated a open-mindedness when it comes to pee power. Drink up.